About Us

ICETEC Energy Services creates energy and market efficiencies for our clients. We develop customized models for each client that test any proposed strategy against a risk assessment. We generate market savings and efficiencies by developing sound procurement strategies and managing facility assets to meet local demands and take advantage of market opportunities.  Our integrated systems approach is unique in today’s curtailment service provider environment, allowing us to generate dispatch savings and effectively participate in ISO market programs.

Our approach:

  1. Increase Facility Productivity: By working with clients to establish extensive “what if” plans and defining business rules for every conceivable eventuality, clients can rely on the Icetec real-time execution engine to achieve improved results through a proactive approach that is able to take advantage of market opportunity.
  2. Be Self-Sustaining: Our technology and clients become self-sustaining, since they achieve market sensitivity–able to react to fluctuating market conditions and achieve cost reductions.