Our Team

Michael P. Webster

Mike is the Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Icetec.  Icetec was formed in 2000 with the purpose of developing real time analytical economic, load and efficiency modeling and dispatch guidance and control for assets with possible flexibility in deregulated markets. Leveraging his extensive background in systems integration and control, he is the chief architect of Icetec Implementations, and is responsible for application development.

Prior to the formation of Icetec, Mike had 20 years experience as a systems integrator, as well as engineering positions with Westinghouse and The Trane Company.

Mike holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering


John Webster

John is the Director of Regulatory Affairs at Icetec Energy Services.In this role, John engages with industry stakeholders in the wholesale policy formation process, actively seeking and promoting policies and programs which allow end users with load flexibility and/or behind the meter generation to realize economic value of the benefits brought to the wholesale transmission system and market. Prior to this role, John worked at  Monitoring Analytics, LLC, the independent market monitor for PJM, where he specialized in revenue adequacy studies and demand response measurement and verification protocols.

John has a BS in Economics and an MBA in Finance.