CommandTEC – Real-Time Load Management

CommandTEC offers customers an impressive return on investment by producing significant energy savings. While traditional demand response is suited to customers with a single source of energy, CommandTEC is an ideal solution for customers who command the flexibility that comes from using multiple sources of energy such as oil, gas, cogeneration, chilled-water tanks, etc. Prospective clients can receive a free optimization evaluation to determine the value of their existing assets in today’’s dynamic marketplace.

Contrary to commonly used historic operating principles, cogeneration is frequently misused by continuously maximizing output. By leveraging the nonlinearity of electricity versus thermal output for such systems, CommandTEC allows customers to optimize steam assets (at a level that provides for all necessary uses) while reducing import power costs at the same time. Understanding this nonlinear relationship can produce significant savings.

These kinds of savings are only possible with active real-time load management. CommandTEC provides 24/7/365 automated load response to your operators and systems. We structure the program with zero initial outlay for participating customers. The program is so valuable that we have customers invest in cogen assets just to participate and the typical payback is less than three years.

Real-time dispatch operation follows established business and operating rules that take advantage of flexibility, assets, load, with precise decisions made around the clock to maximize payout without discomforting operations or personnel. Real-time dispatch is enabled through ICETEC’s customized human machine interface, VisionTEC.

ICETEC is responsible for installation of all necessary meters, servers, and software to achieve CommandTEC savings. We also provide monthly performance reviews to document savings as they compound over time.