At Icetec, we will work with you to deliver energy market transparency. When you’’re ready to make the energy market go to work for you – ICETEC is the only answer.

We have the answers: traditional load management strategies; innovative, real-time management; market-based budgeting programs; and our proprietary MasterTEC system that delivers thousands of hours of ISO program participation. Our clients participate in more hours generating more savings than any other energy curtailment firm.

Other companies may help you manage energy usage, ICETEC totally reinvents our clients’ participation in the energy market – empowering our partners to compound savings and realize ROI in months, not years.

Fortune 500 companies and leading universities choose ICETEC to revolutionize the way they purchase, generate, and distribute energy resources and manage their energy infrastructure. We design and implement custom solutions for each client based on their unique physical plant assets and capabilities.