How It Works

Real-Time Data Feeds

Whatever your plant, asset or load flexibility is, the first step is establishing a secure connection to your system, and providing a single source for live monitoring, data historian and operational feedback. The web-based monitoring system is accessible from anywhere and provides a single source for plant, utility, market and weather data.

Predictive Analytics & Guidance

When market predictive capabilities are combined with an in-depth understanding and modeling of site power and thermal needs, the result is an empowering operating guidance system that displays real-time operating feedback and opt-in modes for grid and ancillary services to maximize market potential while ensuring reliability.

Transform your central plant

Once you have an intelligent system that accurately models load and incorporates your plant specific operating characteristics, you have transformed your central plant or distributed asset into a nimble resource capable of revenue generation in ISO markets, managing greenhouse gas goals or maximizing thermal efficiencies through your operating plant.