DemandTEC – Traditional Demand Response

A significant segment of the market we serve does not have dispatch flexibility (i.e. load-serving diversity that may be available with cogeneration, steam and electric chillers, and thermal energy storage assets). Without this flexibility, these customers are precluded from employing real-time load management. Therefore, in order to provide significant energy savings for this market, DemandTEC delivers traditional demand response load management. It is highly recommended that clients take advantage of VisionTEC to enhance the performance of DemandTEC.

Employing DemandTEC requires an understanding of load requirements in various different operating scenarios to determine appropriate load reduction limits and opportunities. After careful metering, measurement, and monitoring of facility usage, participation can be determined and executed by reducing load on the grid during peak load periods in accordance with accepted industry practices.

While this approach is fairly straightforward and does provide significant levels of savings with minimal impact on environmental factors, manufacturing, or production, DemandTEC is only a beginning step toward achieving the full dividends possible with ICETEC’s approach to energy management. We work with our customers to anticipate future energy needs and devise scenarios for them to participate even more proactively to maximize energy savings in the increasingly complex energy space in the coming years.

The values for participation in DemandTEC varies depending on the ISO. For your convenience links to all ISO’s are provided below: