Integrated Load Management (ISO programs)

The key to optimizing energy savings is to migrate from being a passive participant in energy programs to becoming an active grid participant capable of leveraging multiple energy producing assets.

ICETEC’’s MasterTEC program offers an integrated approach that maximizes market participation and savings by integrating Independent System Operators (ISO) market programs into dynamic real-time load management strategies. Because today’’s energy market is volatile, customers need a managed process to ensure they participate in the optimal program on an hourly basis. No company can deliver more accurate predictive technology than ICETEC and we leverage our knowledge about markets and price fluctuations to optimize your share of ISO program revenue.

MasterTEC is not a supplier-invented reduction rebate program; it is a complete reinvention of the supplier/user relationship that empowers ICETEC customers to participate in thousands of hours of savings every year – rather than a couple of hundred hours offered by other companies.

Participation in MasterTEC requires active monitoring and control. Through our technology, a variety of programs are available to the energy customer including Economic Load Response, Frequency Regulation, and Synchronous Reserve programs. MasterTEC is enabled through ICETEC’s customized human machine interface known as VisionTEC.

Economic Load Response

  • Economic Load Response allows users to receive payments based on responsive load shedding to electricity pricing in their perspective zones.
  • Day Ahead or Real-time strategies
  • ICETEC delivers the most precise control to shed load in ways and at times that maximize ISO payment and energy savings without ever sacrificing plant operations
  • Customized participation strategies are based on market conditions and individual asset mix
  • ICETEC technology can select the assets and participate based on the market automatically

Frequency Regulation

Each regional electric grid must maintain a stable electric frequency (near 60 Hertz) in order to function safely and effectively. A critical component in maintaining a stable frequency is the ISO’s ability to match load to supply. MasterTEC customers can take advantage of Frequency Regulation programs offered by ISO’s and get paid for adjusting usage to help maintain the grid’s frequency balance.

  • ICETEC interfaces directly with the ISO
  • Frequency Regulation programs allow users to get paid for site flexibility

Synchronous Reserve

Because of their complexity and the enormous energy involved, ISO’s working with merchant plants and utility power stations require time to come up to full power. Simultaneously, the ISO and utilities are required to have back-up generation power in standby mode in case of any individual power station’s failure. These twin challenges create significant costs and inefficiencies for power companies and they have devised Synchronous Reserves as a method for spreading risk and reducing cost. MasterTEC customers are paid to participate in Synchronous Reserve programs by being able to shed load or ramp up on-site generation on short notice to relieve stress on the grid.

  • An excellent off-peak strategy for sites with additional flexibility
  • Clients receive additional savings