VisionTEC – Human Machine Interface

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VisionTEC is central to our more advanced programs. It is an interactive graphical display application that combines real-time data, historical trending, and site control in a custom windowed environment tailored to the needs of each client.

VisionTEC provides a flexible environment for assessing current and historic activity at a customer’s facility. The interface is used to communicate dispatch signals to operators for changes in operations or for participation in Demand Response initiatives. Detailed screens let clients monitor the market, GHG/CO2 emissions, natural gas and electric fuel breakdown by equipment, hedge usage, weather, and chilled-water flow. Customized engineering reports can be generated easily and all data is real-time.

A number of discrete modules provide extensive insight into operations, efficiencies, and savings tactics.


Clients utilize our iTrend historian to analyze plant data, dissect the market by component and build operational and risk management strategies. iTrend gives clients the ability to evaluate facility efficiency projects as well as renewable-energy strategies.

  • Interactive trending application
  • Retrieve site data
  • Create personal pre-defined charts
  • Allows a client with multiple site locations to view trends from one computer.

iTrend Desktop

  • View pre-created iTrend trends with the click of a mouse.
  • Simple interface


  • Maintains historical record of process data
  • Provides ability to mathematically manipulate process data
  • Bridges information between client sites

Event Manager

  • Real-time logging and alarming system
  • Provides easy-to-read events of site/process history
  • Provides multiple forms of alarms (Email, Phone, PDA, HMI)


Management interface providing breakdowns of cost and performance with daily market data

  • Increase visibility for facility activities and energy costs
    • As you track the data, inefficiency and problems are easily identified
    • Display energy market information, GHG/CO2 emissions, natural gas and electric fuel breakdown by equipment, hedge usage, weather, and chilled-water flow
    • Real-time energy consumption and dispatch information
    • Display information based on client needs
  • Site control via interface
    • Customized tools based on client needs

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